To thwart, to proactively prevent, in concert with your BCDR Plan — operations continuity in the event of a disaster where detection and incidence recovery is needed.

Simpli Networks’ ensures your digital assets and remain operational. We know that business often foregoes the extra critical sets to ensure form a critical disaster event, whether technical, physical hardware, weather or natural disaster we’ve got you covered.


Crisis Avoidance & Instant On Recovery

When your business depends on critical applications, database systems, key functionality and the services you provide, we support not just the administration, management, monitoring, reporting and support required to keep them up and running smoothly but so much more and businesses are now starting to recognize that a unique, scalable, full service, platform provider like Simpli Networks is something very special indeed.

Simpli Networks goes an extra mile included with all our accounts. We provide the monitoring and mitigation of crisis events. This means we prevent where possible issues that could cause problems. Furthermore, a recovery feature as a part of your “BCDR Plan” which has been termed “Instant On” which is as near to instant restoration and recovery of all systems that is available and an integrated part of all Simpli Networks accounts based on your company spec and requirements. What would otherwise be hours perhaps days of post-crisis event downtime that requires a manual multi-step restoration across all devices can now be minutes or never noticed incidence of uptime availability because we leverage virtual snapshot imagine engineering to enable the prediction of issue and alerts as well as in the rare case of potential downtime events, a spin up of full restoration images upon event.

Collaboration Solutions

This means that we view your solutions package as a whole set of interconnecting assets. Given this we leverage services monitoring that check on the status of your eco-system and proactively takes sets to thwart issues and to ensure optimized performance.

Virtual Desktop

VDI, or Virtual Desktop we can extend services coverage across your solutions WAN/LAN down to the desktop. We know that technical interruptions cause productivity vacuum and loss of workflows. So we engineered a solution that extends beyond the server side of operations but integrates workstation and desktop support 24/7 to ensure added peace of mind and rapid response support  as well as an array of services to keep your office, or multi-location and even multi-continental offices running in optimized performance,

With our industry-leading, protocol-independent, disaster-proven global network as its backbone, our Network Services offering includes technical and engineering expertise, for a complete solution that helps keeps you connected while reducing overall costs.

Data Security

You can count on our advanced security technologies to help protect systems, applications, and data from the ever-growing number of threats that come from outside and within. Our Information Systems Security Professionals work with you to develop the right strategy to safeguard both IT and business resources.